SQL Christmas Tree using SQL server Spatial data

SQL is an amazing tool, if we know to use it the right way. Using the concept of the SQL server spatial data and some mathematics, I have built this Christmas tree the SQL way!!. Attached is the image of the output. The code is as below. You too can run the code for yourself and generate the tree.

Note: After Executing the code, to see the image, Click on the “Spatial results” tab below in the results window, Uncheck the ‘Show Grid lines’ box in the right pane. You will be able to see the image.
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dplyr in R

Today we’ll see about the dplyr package in R also known as grammar of data manipulation. In the last tutorial we saw about the ggplot2 which is another famous package in R. It consist of set of functions which helps you for different type of data manipulation. I’ll be using medical cost data set from Kaggle(data source). I’ve listed all possible documentation and resources to learn more about the dplyr package.

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