Achieving Optimal Use of Shelf Space through Linear Programming

Your Product Sales is Affected by Shelf Space?

Did you notice that every time you go to a supermarket to buy something, you notice the middle shelf before the top and bottom shelves. This is contradictory to the typical sequential behavior where we like to start from one end and end at another. Of course, many a times we start from one end of the market and go around to the other end but each time we start from one of the shelves which usually is the middle one. Read more

Association Rules in R

“Association rules are if/then statements for discovering interesting relationships between seemingly unrelated data in a large databases or other information repository.”

Association rules are used extensively in finding out regularities between products bought at supermarkets. An example of an association rule would be “If a customer buys a loaf of bread, he is 70% likely to also purchase cheese.”

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