Updating R to latest version in R studio on Windows

Updating the existing R version to the latest version from R studio itself on Windows. Simple, yet appealing!

#install the Installr package


#load the package


#use the updateR() function


After this, follow the self explanatory dialogue boxes that appear during the installation process. In this process, R asks if you want to MOVE your packages(not copy) from your older version to the newer version. You can click yes. This will move the packages into the newer version and erase them in the older version. If you already have the latest version installed(3.5.2), updateR() function returns a message box that says: “No need to update.You are using the latest R version: R version 3.5.2(2018-12-20)” I updated my version today and also learnt this newer way of updating R version. Hope this helps!! To learn more, please visit the source:

Updating R from R (on Windows) – using the {installr} package

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