Profit Gap Analysis in Tableau

Hello friends! Today we’ll be learning how to do profit analysis in Tableau using the floating bar chart. As you can see in the image the final output.

Final Output

The data is in column format. Also as you can see the buy and sell values are in the same column so there is no direct way to create the chart


To achieve that we’ll create few calculated fields to separate out the values
IF [Type]= "Buy" THEN [Value]
IF [Type]= "Sell" THEN [Value]
({ FIXED Type : sum(([Sell])-([Buy]))})
Now we’ll create the chart. Find the image below for developing the chart also steps to do so. Steps to achieve the result and check the image for quick reference and if you want to go through the steps:
1. Place ‘Measure Names’ to Columns shelf
2. Place ‘Measure Values’ and calculated field ‘Profit’ to Rows self. Make it dual axis
3. Place ‘Measure Names’ to filter
4. Make ‘Measure Values’ chart type to bar chart
5. Make ‘Measure Values’ chart type to Gantt chart
6. Place calculated field ‘Difference’ to size
7. Select ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ from the filter

Profit gap analysis chart development

Once you follow the steps you’ll be able to see the output. With some basic formatting changes Final outcome will look something like this and click on the image to interact with.

Final Output

Thanks Deepak for helping me achieving this.

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Thanks for reading! Comment your suggestions and queries.

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