Top N values Sub-Category Wise in Tableau

Today we’ll be learning how to create how to show Top N values Sub-Category wise in Tableau. The tutorial will be very useful in many context. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. For the first step we’ll be creating the the basic chart which we’ll be used to show the sub-categories ranking. Place Sales in Columns and Category and Sub category in Rows.


Now create a Calculated field as shown below.



Step 2. Now Place the Calculated field in Rows and make it discrete.



Now right click on Top N and click on Edit table calculation. Select compute using as Advanced in the Table Calculation window and move Sub-Category to addressing in Advance window and click OK.


In this step put Top N calculation field in filters and repeat the step for table calculation.



After completing the steps successfully we’ll see that the Sub-Category is showing the values according to the filter.


So this was easy and very useful tutorial and can be use at many places.

Thanks for reading. Keep visiting Analytics Tuts for more tutorials.



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