Site Roles in Tableau

This article will help you to understand about the different site roles in Tableau Server.

Site Roles for Users

Every user added to Tableau Server must have an associated site role. The site role is assigned by the administrator. The site role determines the levels of permissions allowed for a user, including whether a user can publish, interact with, or only view content published to the server. Administrators are also defined based on the site role.

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Dependent or Cascaded filters in Tableau

In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to make filters dependent on each other in Tableau also known as cascaded filters.

Let us take a scenario where we want to use three filters Year, quarter and month in a dashboard. All the three filters are dependent on each other but Year is primary filter and others are secondary filters. When we select Year the quarters which comes under that particular year will only appear in the Quarter filter and same for month.

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