Find Formula fields in Excel sheet

While working on other’s Excel worksheet sometimes we need to find which columns are formula column, we can find while scrolling to each column but the work can be very tedious if we have more than 10 column. Today we’ll be learning to find the formula column in entire sheet having large number of columns (more than 100) in one go and one more very very useful function F5. I will make a separate tutorial for F5 function.

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Trend arrow Chart (up and down arrows) in Tableau

Some time we just need to visualize data that shows Year over Year (YOY) growth so we don’t have to drill down the data more for the explanation in others words for better and easy understanding of YOY growth we need some better visualization techniques.
Trend arrows are one of the best visualizations for the YOY growth like we have in stock market trending arrows on daily basis.
In this tutorial we’ll be learning to make create the Trend arrows chart in Tableau.

Workbook is attached with the step by step worksheets

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